Tuesday, November 20, 2012

the truth about . . . Jay Z aka Sean Carter

"Now these *iggas is mad, oh they call me a camel. But I mastered the drought, what the *uck. I'm an animal. Half man half mammal;  my sign is a Sag. This is just what I planned to do, oh, don't be mad."

  At this very moment as I'm putting pen to paper I'm streaming J. Without doubt he is THE BEST TO EVER DO IT. PERIOD. Just like they'll never be another group like the Beatles or a pop phenom like Micheal Jackson; they'll never be another Jay Z aka Sean Carter. And when I say "do it" I'm referring to "doing" Hip Hop. Not this bull*hit that most late 80's and beyond babies happily download and recite. That ish is "rap music".

     I could go on and on listing the many accomplishments of J. I mean any time you're on "lets get together and change the course of history" terms with the POTUS there's not much more that needs to be said. But for the sake of substantiating this point let's continue. I must first define Hip Hop in order to lay claim as to why J (and I refer to him as J because I know him and no, he doesn't know me) is the epitome of the definition. Hip Hop is not a beat. Hip Hop is not lyrical content (although lyrical depth is completely MIA these days). Hip Hop is not one dimensional. Hip Hop is not defined by cars, clothes, money and hoes. Hip Hop is not a genre.

   Hip Hop is life and death; both coexisting at the same time. Hip Hop is a continual cycle of strategically abducting the less than fair opportunity that life will grin and begrudgingly hand you; as if it is doing you some sort of favor. Hip Hop is evolutionary. Hip Hop is NOT concluding that the *ucked up circumstances you were born into is all there is to life. Hood for life right? What dumbass wants to stay in the hood? Hip Hop is NOT about "work hard play hard". Have you ever been witness to Steve Jobs(R.I.P.), Mark Zuckerburg or Oprah Winfrey "working" hard. Strategically planning? Yes. Critically thinking? Yes. But "working" (which is a physical act), No. 

   I don't need to chronicle his "rags to riches" tale (Google it). J isn't the best to ever do it because of the money any way. J respected the game. Learned the game. Reinvented the game. Then transitioned the game.  All by doing what ALL grown men do - "Yall should grow the *UCK up come here let me coach you". 

1. Be receptive to opportunity (learning from BIG he recognized how Hip Hop could alter his life. Bow-tie before I die ).
2. Exploit the opportunity (independently hustling what he knew best; not product but the streets)
3. Give 'em what they want and get what you need ("I dumb down for my audience to double my dollars")
4. Admit that eagles can't soar with pigeons ("Hov had to get the shallow *hit up off him")
5. Learn from you're surroundings instead of becoming enchanted with them (40/40 Clubs over cars)
6. Accept your demons and deal with them (forgiving the man that abandoned him wasn't easy but understanding that his forgiveness wasn't for his Dad but for Blue Ivy was monumental (you'll get that later- hopefully)
7.Engage with people who are where you want to be (I doubt Warren Buffet will ever sit down with Rick Ross).

  Is J Einstein? Nope. "Far from a Harvard student; just had the balls to do it." To put it simply, J is the epitome of the perfect storm; in which he uses the elements of non-traditional hustle and intellect to secure his seat at the table.  He runs an empire. He engages the wealthy (not rich) and powerful. He's a giver (". . .ask Columbine"). He's a philanthropist (". . .gave water out to everybody"). He's a son. He's a husband. He's a father. There are over 300 million pics of J available on the G search engine. Not one (at least that I saw) in a compromising position.  He saw what he could be and was smart enough not to compromise. He didn't take the bait - visionary. Sure, SuperHead outed him but how many men turn down good head? Besides it's not like this was a rarity for her.

   Hip Hop is a gift to those of us that were born with shades of brown skin (Em is an outlier). It is a courtesy passed down  to us a.k.a. "those people". In its simplest form it's a chance. Not one that should be happily watered down because "rappers" can't get past their own limited vision and intellectually combine life and lyrics. Repeating "ass" is as about as deep as a puddle on a day the sun never stops shining.

  Since this "gift" has been passed on to J he's cultivated it; raised the requirements to be included within the ranks of the greats (Em, Pimp-Juice and Us). He is the best to ever do it. He is Hip Hop.




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  1. Great post. Jay mastered the ability to move past the bs and became larger than life..great point about Warren Buffett. Overall good read.