Thursday, November 15, 2012

the truth about . . . Today's Man.

     The first time I heard Diddy (Puff Daddy, Puffy, P Diddy, Sean Combs - yeah that dude) use the term I fell out from laughter. Coarse in language, yes, but that one word sums up the behavior that so many men exhibit these days. Now based on the urban dictionary "BAN" ( is a noun. It's essentially a term for a hater/man that overreacts to the smallest of things; he exhibits childish or immature behavior.  I'd like to expand the definition and make use of it as an adjective.  Let's use the list below to describe some of the "today's man" characteristics.

Skinny Jeans. 
     -No comment necessary.

Standing appointments for pedicures.
    -What happened to the basic trim or line up at the barbershop on  Saturday morning? Grooming is one thing. Wanting to be pampered? Yeah OK.

Lying to women and claiming you "got game". 
    -Men lying is nothing new and women get caught up because we like the way things sound and for some reason ignore the stupid stuff men actually do. That's our bad. But a man lying about who he is and what he has is by default the #1 trait in "*ithc*ssness. The reason you lie is because nothing about you "sounds" that great so you resort to making ish up. What kind of man doesn't or refuses to work and then hides behind lies?

Profile pics with your shirt off. 
     -It's one thing to wanna show off your hard work but I'm beginning to wonder who these dudes are really posing for? Women have never gone crazy over a centerfold layout. We go crazy over makeup (which is why it's a billion dollar industry).We aren't visual like that and if we were someone would have cashed in on it by now. Yeah, we'll comment but to actually become stimulated by it? That's a male trait. Which brings me back to the first question.Who are you posing for? 

  This list of offenses is endless and could continue for days but you get the point. Something has gone terribly awry. Some of these ****** is *itches too and some of these ****** look just like you. I keep hearing men claim "they don't make 'em like that any more". Meaning a man can't find a woman that will be faithful and loyal; she cooks and takes care of her home and children. She loves and respects her man. She's a lady in streets and a freak in the sheets. I have no problem with those requirements when a MAN is deserving. 

     How can you expect to attract a woman when so many of your characteristics fall outside the definition of a man? Call me a cave woman, antiquated, old fashion or close minded. What you won't and can't call me is wrong. If you can't see that the roles are being reversed (men acting like women and women acting like men) then you my friend are straddling the fence and don't know which side you are suppose to be on. (I'll be addressing the women soon.)

     Although my Dad didn't do everything right there was no mistaking him for any thing other than a man. EVERYTHING about him exuded manhood. His voice. His pride in how he looked and dressed. His ability to get up every day to go to a job he wasn't that crazy about. His love for his family. All those things describe one thing - MANHOOD. I didn't say perfection; I said "man". By definition it is becoming an endangered species.

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  1. Hillarious! Especially about dudes with their shirts off. I always said thats some borderline ish right there!