Thursday, October 4, 2012

the truth about . . .jealous girlfriends

A "Girls Night Out". That's the pop-culture term women have given our Saturday night meetings where we sit around and talk about what else - men. Recently I've noticed that these "GNO's" are turning into what I would describe as a meeting with the "Bitter Heifer Association". It goes like this. Women who don't have a man are advising other women who have a man on how to conduct themselves in their relationships.

If it were good advice being passed around it wouldn't bother me. But once the "high fives" and the "girl if I were you" start to fly - LOOK OUT - all hell is getting ready to break loose at the expense of your relationship.

A tip for the ladies who accept relationship advice from the BHA - STOP IT. A bitter, scorn and jealous woman cannot advise you on how to handle your relationship. Am I saying all women are like this . . . to a degree (we just don't admit to it). To say there is a woman walking the face of this earth that has never been jealous is like saying you're a born again virgin. How she addresses those jealousy issues is a testament to her character and her will to become better; but to say she isn't or has never been jealous is a bit far fetched. Jealousy doesn't only hang out in the "single women's" camp. It knows no boundaries.

So if you are in a relationship start talking to the one person who can help you overcome the issues you are having - the one you are in the relationship with.

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