Saturday, October 6, 2012

the truth about . . . what men are attracted to

I've began a journey called "transitioning". In the African American community it simply means I'm allowing my hair to exist in its natural state. No perm, no heat, no weaves/extensions. Just my hair with some juices and berries also known as moisturizer and natural oils.

I must admit the natural hair has upped my "wow" factor. There has been no shortage of compliments from men (of all races). It made me wonder if we (women) are totally wrong when it comes to what men find attractive. Then I thought about it. It's not the hair (although its pretty fly) that men are attracted to its the uniqueness that is me. It's the confidence I have to not want to look like every other woman that is wearing the trend - whatever it may be.

You can buy just about any physical feature these days - lips, bottoms, calf muscles, breasts, abs, etc. The list goes on and on. But you can't walk into a store and buy "me". You can't buy MY confidence. You can't buy MY style, you can't buy MY conversation or wit. Why? Because I am not "add mall instant woman" and men recognize that.

Men like being acknowledged for doing and having things no one else has. When you apply those traits to what they like in a woman - the answer is a no brain-er. BE YOU! God built it - they will come. I'm not suggesting that every woman take my journey but I am telling you that beginning your own will be life changing. Find the uniqueness that is "you".

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