Friday, October 26, 2012

the truth about . . . gettin' slapped up. I'm not saying its right but I understand

When the video of "Uppercut Bus Driver Joe" went viral I wasn't in a hurry to see it. I figured it would be another grainy video of  (SOME)  Black people acting a fool. That was still the case but what surprised me (and that's not easy) was the person who turned out to be the catalyst. I thought I was going to be privy to an assault on an innocent woman (and I use the term "woman" loosely). Adopting the attitude of the peanut  gallery I thought for sure I could call this one.But mannnnnn when I watched the video I thought to myself "Oh, she does this often. This is who she is. This is what she comes from and this is what she knows". I mean this chic was screaming on this grown ass man so tough I began to understand the upper-cut before I even saw it.

Then it happened. AWW-YUUKEN!!! I laughed so hard for so long I felt like I had been transported to Richard Pryor live in concert. There is a saying that a man should never hit a woman. Well, that was during a time when a woman was easily recognizable. With the exception of a woman being intoxicated I cant remember a time when women in droves would blatantly and continuously emasculate men. AND THIS WAS PUBLICLY. So was Joe wrong? Nope (not in my opinion).

Fact: She put her hands on him. The End. You cannot berate a man and expect him not to react like a man. It's just like women who marry football players. He knocks other men the *uck out for a living yet you expect him to all of a sudden turn off that learned behaviour. A behaviour he is payed millions for. OK.

But lets talk about the "average Joe". Why are females so quick to get into Joe's face? I think I know why. Attention. Let's take Jody and Yvette (Baby Boy). Jody was terrible. We know this and Yvette knew it too. She couldn't force him to be faithful but she could (with that mouth) force him to respond. Even if it was with an open handed slap in the mouth. 

Women push dudes like that because 1.) We know you will react; even if you just shake the hell out of us. 2.) You'll eventually apologize and 3.) We hope that some where within that apology you magically say "damn she do love me; I was wrong. Imma get my *hit together. That, of course, never happens which is why the cycle continues. Sick and twisted but true. No matter the age, background, education or class. This is true across the board.

A woman cannot over power a man. Not even Laila Ali. To be on the safe side just stFu (read "the truth about . . . the 4F's). And if you cant for some reason find it within yourself to just shut your trap then woman up and get ready for da business. Besides your futile attempts to get his attention are wasting my damn tax dollars. 911 ain't free. 

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