Monday, October 8, 2012

the truth about . . . your weight

I have mixed emotions when I see products marketed to overweight women. It's as if the commercial means to say "Hey you're fat but don't worry we've got that in your size". I mean overweight men aren't a targeted demographic but then again we are talking about the bottom line and no one effects the bottom line like women. Once you add the words "you're beautiful" to the mix you get Black Friday numbers year round.

Having weighed 225lbs after the birth of my son I know a little something about being fat. This weight stayed with me for 3 years. One thing for sure two for certain I was not feeling beautiful, sexy, confident or pretty. At that time I was married and my husband loved me; but was he attracted to me? Of course NOT. He would never admit it; he wasn't stupid. Besides he didn't have to. I could tell by not only his reaction to me but being attracted to me had a lot to do with how I was feeling about myself. Residing in "umpuh-lumpuh ville" was not an alluring quality. Fast forward - I hit the gym, lost the weight now I'm a part time instructor. But that's me - I'm concerned about the 50% of women that are overweight.

Being confident about who you are is an attractive quality. But being who you are should not be unhealthy. Being overweight and blindly continuing a pattern of self destruction all the while screaming from the roof top that you are "Big & Beautiful" is alarming. Not only is it alarming but its a distraction. Distractions keep you in your current state. With every pound gained there is a piece of you lost. When I was overweight I felt outside of myself. It had nothing to do with my size or my style ( I was still fly) but I was not complete. My mind, body and spirit were not operating as one.

I'm not on a soap box screaming "HEY YOU! LOSE THE WEIGHT!". What I am saying is that I understand. Between career, family and maintaining a household, who has time for the gym? But I cant slap you a high five and say "Girl, I get it plus I'm not trying to sweat out my hair out either". I will not affirm madness and lay it at the feet of sisterhood.

What I will say is that you can do it and I will help you any way that I can. I'm sure this will come up - I currently weigh 147lbs and no I didn't use any weight loss programs. It was me, my drive and my ambition. God doesn't discriminate. The same thing He put in me is the same thing He put in you. Commit to "you"- everything and everyone else is secondary.

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