Thursday, October 25, 2012

the truth about . . . H.O.E.S.

 Of course the headline is about shock value. Worked didn't it? For some time now I've been in denial about how women have created and fostered the state of relationships as we currently know them. Whether your in a "FWB" relationship or your profile page declares your relationship is complicated the truth is that most women have grown quite content with embracing and acting like the common hoe (which is quite different from a whore).

 Hollow. Overconfident. Expecting. Self Absorbed.

Hollow - without real or significant worth. I'm absolutely amazed at the number of females that don't realize how hollow they actually are. Your entire conversation is about who the last person you slept with. What inch hair you purchased from the beauty supply store and the sexy costume you're purchasing for Halloween. If you're more sophisticated its the same thought process. You just call it giving him his space and you discuss what Loubitons you bought and what upcoming vacation plans you have. If you want to know how significant you are ask this one question. How many people (excluding family) would miss the positive impact you have on their life if you died right now? Crickets. Substance can't be bought so I suggest you first find out what it is and then work on having some.

Overconfident - having too much confidence. I have never been witness to more people having nothing to offer besides "ass" and they believe its enough! NEWSFLASH: Its everywhere and guess what? Most are giving it up FOR NOTHING!!!! ***** caint be yo' only hustle!! (shout out to Kan-yeezy). Confidence cant be purchased. It develops over time. And contrary to the balance on your last credit card statement you are not winning. Him calling you Kim and your name is Kennedy is a direct result of him having met you before; even if he hasn't. You look just like the next overconfident broad on the scene and to him you are no different. Obnoxious, typical and tacky is what he sees and you're not worthy of distinction. Stop doing the most and figure out who you really are.

Expecting - to look forward with reason. If a man ask you on a date he owes you nothing except what he can afford. Dinner. Coffee. A walk through the park. One of those scenarios or something similar. That's it. Expecting that someone rolls out the carpet on the first or second date is just as ludicrous as the dude who thinks he can hit because you dined at a five star. Stop believing that you are just that awesome. You are not. Here's an idea. How about you expect to laugh, be respected and walked to your door at the end of the evening (without him expecting to come in). Yeah, lets start with expecting respect and not deviating from that.

Self Absorbed - preoccupied with ones thoughts or interests. Thoughts or interest? Bawawawawawaw. Girl Bye! You would actually have to have a thought or interest that goes beyond having a conversation about Stevie J. Unfortunately being self absorbed is not uncommon and I see it in girls as young as 11. Having the capacity to think beyonds one self is the best thing anyone could do. Oops. There goes that word again - think. For the love of humanity please wake up and understand that you are not that important. Unless you've found a cure for cancer or opened an all girls school in South Africa on your own dime please just turn, walk away and begin to ponder what you can offer the world besides nothing.

One emotion sums up the reason I wrote this. Brokenhearted. As a woman if you can't look out and see the damaged we've caused and the reckless behaviour we continue to indulge then SCREAM WE HAVE TO FIX THIS -  then my worst fear has come true. We have become the soul-less gender.

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